Our Services Strategy

We provide these programs at little to no cost to the participants to provide alternative venues by building their
individual capacity; reduce the pressure on our healthcare system as well as law enforcement agencies.
Our Moms, youth and family engagement programs & are excellent alternative venues to channel their energies in a
more focused, productive environment.

At MomLinks, we have a dedicated group of ladies that understands the critical need for a structured female
centered strategy development through our organization with cultural competency and focus on diversity. We have
also started our seniors’ program with the community and partners support to take our work to the next level of
serving our older demographic with more potential involvement, volunteering and education for seniors by seniors
especially focused on our female seniors.


Our Programs & Services

Our initiatives strive to achieve this by

mayor bonnie crombie

Sharing awareness about the Muslim community with our neighbors

Strengthening the family and community connections

Giving back through outreach and volunteering

Empowering communities through building bridges.

MLC brings together moms coming from Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Afghanistan, Somalia, Horn of Africa, Middle
Eastern countries’ and other parts of the world along with their neighbors to witness and celebrate the heritage and culture.
This powerful connection provides more meaningful impact to eliminate stereotypes, building bridges of understanding and
respect and to break the silos.


Our current Programs and Services

We provide advice, referrals, career building training, coaching and peer support to stay at home moms. These moms stay home for a variety of reasons and our focus is to pair them with professionally successful, established mom peers to help them be part of the economic growth of the society.
Mom’s Mentoring & Skill Building Program
Each year we spread Eid cheers to local abused women through providing dinners, deserts, goodie bags and love to local shelters where our less fortunate moms are staying with their children.
Eid Shelter Dinners
Safe after school hang out hub for Moms and girls to come and hang out and play board games, read books and do their homework. This project is a partnership project with Muslim Youth and YATA Talks.
Girls Chat Club
Weekly online sessions on what to expect during & after COVID-19 crises is over. How to adopt changes in community, self-care and family. Ways to adopt to new norms during and after COVID-19. Aimed at reducing COVID-19 related social isolation, provide tips a and latest COVID-19 news and how to adopt healthy habits during and after COVID-19
Mom's Virtual Social
We mentor grassroots groups of moms and youth to ensure they continue making desired impact and manage their capacity by providing them tools to excel. We provide professional guidance, management support, capacity building advices, space and financial support (where possible) to help them build their capacity as grassroot groups. We provide Arts and cultural entertainment programs so Moms and youth can express themselves through arts and fun.
Mentoring Grassroots
Engagement, education and empowerment focus on seniors. This project is focused on Muslim grand moms and their families. This project is a partnership project with Muslim Senior Foundation and Muslim Youth Hub. We offer seniors a venue to express themselves, share their knowledge and their skills in a fun filled, respectful and non-judgmental environment. Our senior program is uniquely designed with a focus on intergenerational relationship building where youth is fully engaged in mutual learning and knowledge sharing at our events and activities.
Elderly Moms Connect
Each year, on Family day, our moms accompanied by their youth provide hot meals on the street to our less fortunate neighbors to share some family love and care for folks who feel lonely, disconnected or dis engaged. By involving these moms in our welfare program, we also building their personal capacity to share the pain and get engaged with goodness
Family Day Feed Your Neighbors
A monthly social gathering program led by a community mentor/ speaker to help moms learn or develop skills in a fun filled, entertaining environment while enjoying food, laughter and shared space.
Mom’s Lunch & Learn
A unique project of MLC in partnership with MCMN Media and Muslim Canadian Parent network. The project has a campaign focus to revive the importance of marriages as the foundation of human moral society.
Nikah Project
To provide an open source of food at priority neighborhoods. Making an impact to the vulnerable members of the community during COVID-19.
Table of Sharing
A bag full of basic food essentials dropped to moms in need by moms who care. Hot Meals Deliveries: Boxes of hot meals with variety of food selections commercially prepared and delivered to moms in need by moms who care.
Grocery Bags Drop off
Supported by various service providers like Red Cross, Muslim Professional Moms etc. This service is to raise awareness about the correct use of PPE, significance of PPE and what is expected to protect ourselves and others.
PPE Training
Boxes of hot meals with variety of food selections commercially prepared and delivered to moms in need by moms who care.
Hot Meals Deliveries
We also do supply PPE materials to local groups who are not able to maintain the requirements during the pandemic and are in crucial need to protect employee safety.
PPE Supplies

Our Partnerships

We believe in building meaningful, strong partnerships with diverse sectors of stakeholders with similar goals. Our partners and supporters see us as a credible source of collaboration and engagement impact with tangible impact. We have incredible partnerships in the community. Some of our key partners are Canadian Association of Multicultural People, i3 Institute, PEACE Services, Badbaado Foundation, SRNNA, City of Mississauga, MCMN Youth, Youth Links, Sacred Hand Canada, Muslim Canadian Moms, Roots to Align Network, Heartland Seniors Network, Muslim Canadian Parents Network, Muslim Seniors Foundation & many other grassroots groups.